Neil has a voracious appetite for business, property, success, happiness, health and wealth who aspires not only to make a living but to make a difference. He strives to raise the bar every single day setting big, audacious goals but most importantly taking massive action towards turning his dreams into reality. A thoughtful man of drive, ambition, a never give up attitude and passion for business, property and helping others. 

Neil has a pretty good record in both business and property, however it's not perfect. You can't play at this level without some pretty big highs and lows. He believes all successful businesses are driven by three fundamentals, one if cash flow, two is team and three is mission and vision. 

Neil is constantly focusing on how he can be better and different from the competition. He believes in simple not complex, the more complex the idea the less likely it is to be meritorious. Neil doesn't settle for anything less than excellence.




Jason began working in the construction industry in 2005, developing his skill-set across both commercial and residential schemes. In 2015 he made the 'jump' to begin his own professional career applying his experience into the residential property investment arena. Since then Jason has specialised in refurbishing and managing many residential developments, because of this he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of this sector which helped him to expand and grow in to the supported living sector.

As Co-founder of Larkin Handley Property Jason found the supported living sector to be the most rewarding - helping to change people’s lives and giving members of our community a better chance at getting the life they deserve.

Jason truly believes that Larkin Handley Property has been influential in increasing the quality, thus raising the bar, for supported living accommodation across the UK.

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